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Saturday 5th March - Bike tour of Gozo

We had arranged for everyone to be ready to leave the residence for 8.30am. At 9.30 we (David, Gavin, Emma, Karen, Anna, Echo, Kyra and myself) left the residence and made our way to the bus stop. We took a 45 to the ferry terminal in .. from which we took a ferry to Gozo. On our arrival in Gozo, at approx. 12pm, we took a bus to Victoria where we hired 7 bicycles and I hired a scooter. We made our way to the Ggantija Temples where we stopped to have lunch. From the temples we travelled to Ramla Bay. The wind was very strong and there were four wind-surfers on the water making the most of it. There was also someone preparing to kite-surf, unfortunately the wind caught his kite in the wrong direction and broke part of his harness meaning that he had to give up for the day. David and Gavin went in for a swim and they claim that the water wasn't too cold. From Ramla Bay we made our way back to Victoria and then on to Marsalforn. On the way to Marsalforn Emma, Anna and myself stopped at Tas-Salvatur, a large sculpture of Jesus which looks like a cross from a distance. Emma and myself then stopped off in Marsalforn briefly to watch the waves crashing in on the harbour before returning to Victoria to return their bicycles, as it was around 5pm. My scooter wasn't due to be returned until 5.30pm and it was to be picked up from the harbour in Mgarr, where the ferry from Malta docks. Anna and I took the scooter to Mgarr and everyone else took a bus. As Anna and I had managed to arrive quite early and I still had half a tank of petrol we decided to take a quick look around Mgarr. Not long after 5.30pm the lorry arrived to pick up the moped and shortly after that everyone arrived on the bus. We jumped on the ferry and returned to Malta. Arriving back at the residence at 7.30pm everyone was too tired to go out for dinner, as was the original plan, so I made dinner. We had potatos, potatos, potatos and more potatos (baked, fried, mashed with milk, butter and cheese and mashed with oil and vinegar) with mixed veg a very filling combination and we managed to seriously dent the 20kg bag we had bought over a week ago (which we worried would go off). A birthday party was taking place outside next to the pool and we tried to be sociable but in the end everyone went for an early night and the partiers moved on to Paceville.

We stopped to have lunch at the Ggantija Temples.

[back row, left to right] Emma, Kyra, Anna
[front] Gavin's back, Karen, Echo and David.

Setting off for Ramla Bay after lunch.

Windsurfers at Ramla Bay. The wind was fierce.

This surfer managed a great jump off a wave but unfortunately we never managed to photograph it.

As you can see there were four windsurfers but as we were leaving a few more arrived and some were leaving.

Another shot of the bay.

David and Gavin braved the cold wind and went for a swim.

Gavin jumping into the waves with Kyra also taking a photograph.

Emma and Kyra cycling along the road from Ramla Bay with the town of Nadu in the background

Anna, Emma, David (on his bike backwards), Echo, Kyra (with Karen hiding beind her) and Gavin (sporting a very fetching pink rucksack).

Tas-Salvatur standing just south of Masalforn. This can be seen from Victoria, Xaghra and Ghasri.

View of Victoria from Tas-Salvatur. On the horizon, at the right of the picture, is the citadel which we visited on the 5th of Feb (and I've a photo of Tas-Salvatur as seen from the citadel in that diary entry).

Myself standing at the feet of Tas-Savatur.

Me and my moped at the harbour in Marsalforn. The waves were fairly lashing in.

The next three photos were taken from above Mgarr harbour (where the ferry to Malta docks). In this photo the sun is quite close to setting, you can see spires and a dome but I'm unsure which ones they are.

Another view of the spires.

And from the same location a view of Mgarr harbour.