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Dive Number:215 Date:27/02/11 Site:SS Wallachia
Description:Diving from Voodoo Divers' rhib from Largs Yacht Haven. Felt very cold in the water and the 15mins deco bobbing between 7m and 3m felt like an eternity. Just as well it was worth it for the wreck was home to some lovely nudibranchs and an extraordinary number of Yarrels Blennies.
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Duration:57minMax Depth:29.3mBuddy:Debbie
Time In:09:24Time Out:10:22Average Depth:17.1m
Pressure In:240/240barPressure Out:90/90barGas Mix:air
Water Temp:5.2 degCWeather:Occasional showers on route to the site but clear and cool for the rest of the day.Visibility:3m
EquipmentTwin 10L cylinders, Custom Divers TDB wing, ScubaPro regs, Neoprene drysuit, ALADIN Ultra (computer), Citizen Promaster (watch), Fuji F31fd (camera), Epoque Strobe, Darkbuster torch, Weight harness,
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