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Dive Number:200 Date:10/08/10 Site:Sgarbhstac Submarine Arch
Description:My 200th dive was a memorable one. This is the one that David had his sights set on and the main reason he wanted to dive St Kilda. The submarine arch of Sgarbhstac was massive and stunning. Thanks to some plankton we didn't quite get the 40m visability but we were able to spot the divers all around us and get a feeling for this majestic dive site.
Duration:31minMax Depth:38.6mBuddy:Karin
Time In:10:19Time Out:10:51Average Depth:20.9m
Pressure In:Pressure Out:Gas Mix:air
Water Temp:10.8 degCWeather:Visibility:20m
EquipmentTwin 12L cylinders, Custom Divers TDB wing, ScubaPro regs, Neoprene drysuit, ALADIN Ultra (computer), Citizen Promaster (watch), Suunto Viper (computer, borrowed), Fuji F31fd (camera), Epoque Strobe, INON Fisheye lens (borrowed), Darkbuster torch, Weight harness,
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