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Dive Number:193 Date:06/06/10 Site:The Beagle
Description:Diving The Beagle from Lolena Ellen, a new dive boat on the Clyde.
Duration:23minMax Depth:33.6mBuddy:Scott22Diver
Time In:11:14Time Out:11:38Average Depth:23.3m
Pressure In:210Pressure Out:140Gas Mix:air
Water Temp:6.2 degCWeather:Calm and clearVisibility:not great but good enough
EquipmentTwin 10L cylinders, Custom Divers TDB wing, ScubaPro regs, Neoprene drysuit, ALADIN Ultra (computer), Citizen Promaster (watch), Fuji F31fd (camera), Epoque Strobe, Darkbuster torch, Frogman Lenser (backup torch), Weight harness,
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