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Dive Number:161 Date:14/11/09 Site:Furnace Quarry
Description:Another deep dive at the Furnace Quarry wall. Surface swam out from the shore and dropped down onto the wall. The descent was super quick but this allowed us a little more time on the wall. We made it to our max depth of 50m and followed the contour for a bit before we started our ascent. Around 30m it levels off with a sandy bottom. Various curiosities were spotted, some large dragonettes (larger than usual anyway), scallops (too small), a dogfish, some flatfish and an anchor which John found.
Duration:41minMax Depth:52mBuddy:John M
Time In:14:27Time Out:Average Depth:
Pressure In:220/220Pressure Out:110/110Gas Mix:air
Water Temp:9.4 degCWeather:drizzleVisibility:good
EquipmentTwin 10L cylinders, Custom Divers TDB wing, ScubaPro regs, Neoprene drysuit, Citizen Promaster (watch), Fuji F31fd (camera), Weight harness,
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