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Dive Number:152 Date:09/07/09 Site:Furnace Quarry
Description:Tom, Willie and I swam out on the surface and dropped straight down to 30m. We followed our bearing which was true to the wall and started decending. When we hit 50m Tom gave out a few "woohoo's" through his regulator and then signalled the ascent. We worked our way back up the wall and headed shorewards, keeping the ascent rate both fast enough to avoid penalties yet slow enough that we weren't going to cause any alarms to go off. We pottered around 6m for ages (an extended safety stop, our bounce was within no-stop limits) and managed to completely miss the exit and ended up under the old pier. Vis was poor up at 6m near the quarry but on the wall it was good.
Duration:41minMax Depth:50.2mBuddy:Tom & Willie
Time In:Time Out:Average Depth:
Pressure In:230/230Pressure Out:Gas Mix:air
Water Temp:7.9 degCWeather:BeautifulVisibility:
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