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Dive Number:146 Date:07/05/09 Site:Conger Alley
Description:Diving with Gord and Pat (Congeralley.com & Eastwood). Straight out to 25m and turned to reef. Abundance of Moon Jellys up to dinner plate size. A few congers lurking under rocks but none of them were interested in poking their heads out (no wonder with two darkbusters between the three of us) but did get a few good photos. Butterfish and Topknot Blennies together with the more common Leopard Spotted Gobies were out. Spotted a tadpole fish but it was away by the time I got my camera ready. Only saw one Edible Crab and my buddies managed to find a Balan Wrasse hiding under a collection of boulders with a Conger.
Surface conditions were good until it came the time to take the dry suit off when we were deluged with rain and then hail stones.
Stopped into the Stonefield on way back (strangely the Inverbeg was closed). Bumped into some fellow Allander Divers who had been at The Caves and also reported seeing loads of Moon Jellys.
Duration:50minMax Depth:28mBuddy:Gord and Pat from CongerAlley.com / Eastwood
Time In:19:20Time Out:Average Depth:
Pressure In:250/100Pressure Out:50/90Gas Mix:air
Water Temp:6.7 degCWeather:Variable, clear on entry, clear on exit, rain and then hail storm when changing.Visibility:8m below 18m, 4m above
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