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Dive Number:138 Date:09/10/08 Site:SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm
Description:Managed to miss the casement gun as I hit the bottom but was pleased to find the big guns. Down to the stern and saw the rudders. Around to the starboard side and JOhn found a conger in the compartmented hull. Continued until we hit the major damage (salvage blasting) where we ascended to hull peak where John sent up his SMB. At 6m we recognised the shot line which I swam over to.
Duration:46minMax Depth:37.6mBuddy:Debbie & John M
Time In:13:55Time Out:Average Depth:
Pressure In:210/210 (12L twins)Pressure Out:100/100Gas Mix:Nitrox 30% mix
Water Temp:10.6 degCWeather:Visibility:
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