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Dive Number:131 Date:05/10/08 Site:SMS Brummer
Description:Wreck of the Brummer lies on its starboard side. The shot line hits the midship of this cruiser. From the midship we followed the deck to the bow and returned via the hull, which was encrusted with life. We had passed a few of the big guns and looking into the turret at the base of the barrel I found a wee conger. Ambient light was sufficient for video and vis was great.
In with 1st wave, Donny & Tom, Karen & Debbie.
Diving from The Sunrise, Sunrise Charter.
Duration:34minMax Depth:34mBuddy:William
Time In:10:14Time Out:Average Depth:
Pressure In:210/210 (12L twins)Pressure Out:150/100Gas Mix:air
Water Temp:11 degCWeather:Visibility:28m
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