Welcome to markcra.com, my internet home for publishing random bits and bytes about stuff I find interesting. My name is Mark and by day I’m a Mechanical Engineer. Evenings and weekends I tinker with electronics, build robots (well, robotic toys really) and I’ve recently become interested in digital fabrication (3d printing, laser cutting, CNC machines etc). I expect to fill the blog with snippets of information on what I’m working on and any lessons learnt from my experiences.

While at school and through university I used to row and kept this up after leaving uni by volunteering my time and skills as a lifeguard. I also learned to scuba dive while in Malta on Erasmus exchange and I kept this up when I came home to Scotland. While I’ve been doing neither of these recently I do hope to get back to them at some point.

I like to take lots of photos (much to my wife’s displeasure) both above and underwater. I’ve been posting these on Flickr and amassed 8,000 or more there. So don’t be surprised if the odd photo pops up on the blog too.

Contact Me

I haven’t provided contact information on this website and instead urge you to use the comment system of this blog if you wish to get in touch. Feel free to add something to the effect of [confidential] or [private] if you don’t want the comment published on the page (I manually approve all comments as some slippery spam still gets past the filters).

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