CNC Routing

MAKLab have four distinct CNC routers/mills which range in size from a large CNC router suitable for full size sheets of wood (2.4m x 1.2m x 150mm), a medium sized CNC router (pictured below which probably does up to A1 size) and a smaller Roland MDX-40 CNC mill (nothing bigger than A4 in area and as tall as 100mm). The smallest available is the Roland iModela iM-01 CNC mill which can only handle material up to 86 x 55 x 26mm (width, depth, height).

On the medium sized CNC Router I cut out the numbers for a clock from a vinyl record. My wife assisted with the aesthetics and design of the clock face. Stuart at MAKLab helped with setting up the router and getting the toolpath right.

Once finished on the machine I cleaned the cuts up and spray-painted a second record white, mounting it behind the first record to give enough contrast to the numbers. A quartz clock mechanism was pushed through the centre of the records and some hand-made hands (sheet tin) were fitted to finish the clock.

Derek the Maklab Dino Mascot

Cut out on the big CNC router four of us spent a full day preparing each of the pieces after extracting them from the sheet of plywood. It didn’t take us too long to assemble the giant jigsaw puzzle as you can see in the following time lapse video.

Roland iModela

iModela with Acrylic Batman

January of 2014 I startedplaying with one of MAKLab’s smallest milling machines, a Roland iModela iM-01. When I started I didn’t have a use in mind but figured it would provide some learning experiences and skills I could translate onto the bigger machines. My first cuts were using the standard 1.6mm diameter end mill to produce 3d batman symbols from a 3d model downloaded from Thingiverse in balsa wood and then acrylic. I since bought a tool specifically to mill PCBs from copper clad board and added a blog post on what I made.

Dodec Four

Johann Stools

MAKLab’s large CNC Router is now housed at it’s Micro Manufacturing Facility in Commerce Street. I went there with my wife and we each made a stool.CNC RoutingJohann Stools

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