3d Printing

I was formally introduced to 3d printing by the Glasgow Open Source Hardware Group, who were nearing the completion of their Mendel Prusa 3d printer when I joined. I had read a lot about such printers online and was close to sending some models off to Shapeways for printing (though I could never get a model down to a reasonable price where I could justify the expense). From the moment we got the Prusa printing parts out I’ve been hooked.

Now I don’t have my own 3d printer… yet, however I now have access to a few more since I joined MAKLab, which has a professional HP 3d printer (impressive quality, tad expensive), two Ultimakers (one of which is on loan) and a TechZoneCom MONDO (which I tried finishing off with others from GOSHG but it’s gathering dust again while we work on other things).

I’m hoping to use the blog to share my experiences and any lessons learnt in using these printers. I’ll likely use this space to show off the prints I’ve made and a little description or link to the model etc. We’ll see where it all goes from there.

Minion downloaded from Thingiverse and printed on MAKLab’s Ultimaker. Here it is back-lit with an RGB LED.

Mechanum Wheel parts downloaded from Thingiverse and printed on MAKLAb’s Ultimaker. These were sanded and then assembled to make four mechanum wheels for my Rover 5 robot.

The two white objects in the foreground are positive moulds for vacuum forming cases for the Raspberry Pi (seen in the background). I designed these myself and they were printed on MAKLab’s HP 3d printer.

Close up look at the Christmas Star I designed and built for my parents. The joints were 3d printed on MAKLab’s Ultimaker and joined with glue and wire to aluminium rods before being decoratively wrapped in picture hanging wire. More photos are available in this flickr set. The video below shows some of the printing and assembly.

One of the first prints we produced on Glasgow Open Source Hardware Group’s Mendel Prusa, a Space Invaders Model downloaded from Thingiverse.

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