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  1. Carlos Barrozo

    I’d like to make a remote control using my notebook in order to move the woowee robosapien V1. Is that possible? Do you have infrared specs/definitions?
    Do you have something like that or could you suggest any program and hardware regarding this issue?


    1. markcra Post author


      This is not something I have tried to do myself (I worked on directly controlling the Robosapien using a microcontroller attached to his PCB). I would direct you to robodance which has been a resource for computer controlling WowWee robots since Robosapien first came out. On that website you should find information on the type of infrared interfaces you can buy (or possibly make?) and the free software to operate your Robosapien V1 with.
      If you are looking for more technical information on the infrared specs (protocol, timing etc.) then aibohack has done a great job of documenting them. This was one of the sources I used when I started out hacking my Robosapien.

      Hope that helps.


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