Robosapien Components

Component Markings Circuit Diagram
Q1 TD [5]
Q2, Q6 S 1A 35 [2] and [3] respectively
Q3, Q4, Q5, Q7 S 2A 30 [3], [3], [3], [2]
R1 510 [6]*
R2 4R7 [6]*
R3 195 [5]
R4-R11 621 [1a]
R12 473 [1a]* U2:19 -R12- Vcc
R13 472 [3]
R14 103 [3]
R15 472 [3]
R16 475 [3]
R17 224 [3]
R18 223 [2]
R19 470 [2]
R20 472 [2]
R21 103 [2]
R22 0 [5]
R23 510 [6]*
R24 103 [1a]* U2:13 -R24- Gnd
R25 103 [1a]* U2:12 -R25- Gnd
C1 100uF electrolytic [6]*
C2 100uF electrolytic [6]*
C8 100uF electrolytic [2]
C11 47uF electrolytic [3]
C14 10uF electrolytic [2]
C16 100uF electrolytic [6]*
Y1 Z 4.0 M [4]

* Diagram not yet drawn or to be appended.
Diagram [6] will be of the power regulator circuit.

One thought on “Robosapien Components

  1. Scott wallace

    Hi. I have recently. Un earthed my old. Robosapian. Rsv2. And in the process of bringing him back to life ( the common problem of rotten motor wires.) and thought. What else can I do with him. He still has the 2,4 ghz camera. Mod and. Triple. Ultra bright. Led head light mod. From when he was new so finding various. Pages. And lots of loon abandoned. Dead Websites. I found you so. Now the good stuff. Has there been any. Success in porting the embedded. Command and control chips. To something a bit more intelligent and flexible. On Andreno or even pi platforms? If so do you have anything you can share. To help. Me. Bring this old timer. Up to date, I have enlisted. Help from my local hackspace. With access to 3d printing. Laser cutting. Plastic vacuum forming. Cnc milling and other interesting possibilities. Combined. With th knowledge pool. From the others. Am sure we can do somthing special., .. But. As this is a very old fellow. I need to find someone like yourself. With hands on hacking as a starting point.

    Kind regards

    Scott Wallace


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