Brain Photos

Following my robosapien’s sad demise I’ve removed robosapiens CPU (U2). If it weren’t for going to Malta (to study) I’d buy a big PIC (with 4 I/O ports) and attempt a completely new method of hacking robosapien. As it is, I’m considering adding yet another PIC16F84A, this has an 8-pin I/O port and a 5-pin I/O port, giving only 14 I/O pins, leaving me with very limited possibilities.

Now that U2 (robosapien’s CPU) is removed I can attempt to properly document the wiring. I have most of it sussed but it may be a while before I get it posted on this website.


2 thoughts on “Brain Photos

  1. Paul Carew

    Hello Mark,
    When you fried and then repaired your RSV1, did you repair it by getting a new/replacement RSV1 board /U2 device, or did you go ahead and just use a PIC instead?


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