Glasgow Open Source Hardware Group

Glasgow Open Source Hardware Group, GOSHG (sometimes pronounced gosh) met every other Thursday night in the CCA when I joined but has since moved to MAKLab and meets every Thursday night. The group has a 3d printer, a Mendel Prusa, which we continue to work on (Thursday 21st March Kieran and Jim were recalibrating it after upgrading the hardware to include an SD card reader, LCD and dial).

Early print from the Mendel Prusa, the model was downloaded from Thingiverse.

2 thoughts on “Glasgow Open Source Hardware Group

  1. Ben Martin

    Hi. I turned up today for the open source hardware group at the cca electron club. Is there a notification system for when the groups are running? I really wanted to do something but it looks like the group may be off today.
    Can you let me know how to join or get notifications? Thanks.

    1. markcra Post author

      Hi Ben,

      Sorry there was no-one at the CCA on Thursday, if we were aware that no-one would be there we would have taken down the calendar listing. I haven’t made it along regularly since earlier last year. We had an email mailing list but I’m afraid it has gone quiet of late. Finally there is a Facebook group you can join but it is quiet too.

      Hopefully see you at a future GOSHG meeting.



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