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I backed the kickstarter for HDMIPi, a 9″ LCD designed for use with the Raspberry Pi. It didn’t take long to assemble thanks to a good video walk-through and although I had some teething troubles with a dry joint on the micro-USB power socket (fixed by reflowing the solder with hot air from a desoldering station) I have been reinvigorated in my interest in the Raspberry Pi. The first thing I needed to do with the HDMIPi was to build a stand for it. I had elected for the black acrylic styling and since I happen to have some offcuts of 3mm black acrylic I was able to laser cut a matching stand at MAKLab.

The cad model, attached as a dxf, was thrown together a little hastily which resulted in one of the vertical sections landing on the break-away for the USB sockets, which you might want to relocate if you’ve taken that piece out. M3 / 3mm screws and nuts hold the horizontal beam in place and I was able to re-purpose the ones which were meant for the Raspberry Pi since I’m still using a Model B Rev 1 which doesn’t have mounting holes.

HDMIPiStand2 HDMIPiStand3 HDMIPiStand5

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