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LED Twitter Display for MAKLab

[1st September 2013] With the help of Glasgow Open Source Hardware Group (GOSHG) members I’ve replaced all the LEDs on MAKLab‘s old/defunct 80×7 LED Display Board (RC8200 from “Real Color Displays Inc”). Removing the old processor (a Z80) and superfluous ICs (8-to-1 Multiplexer, buffers, NANDs, ANDs, J-K Flip-Flops and such-like) I’ve got full control of the LEDs with just 7 pins (4 to control the rows, 2 to clock in data into the columns and one to strobe the data to the LEDs). Up until now I’ve been using an Arduino Mega ADK and Ethernet Shield to handle the processing (today I added some code to make use of the microSD slot such that messages could be read from the SD and displayed if an Ethernet connection is not made). I’m now considering options for condensing the hardware controlling the display. I like the Ethernet shield with the microSD slot but having it on top of an Arduino Mega takes up a lot of space. Considering something like the Arduino Uno Ethernet, though I’d like more code space (will try optimising/condensing to fit on an UNO since I certainly don’t need the pin count or other features of the Mega).

Having recently discovered Vine and rediscovered Twitter I’ve been Vine-ing and Tweeting about the board.

Other than the Vine-ing and occasional Tweets I’ve not been documenting my work on this project, instead just forging ahead over the past few weeks, so I thought I’d add a blog post and add to it from time to time. This post is a work in progress, published with the intention that I actually do something with it (way too many draft blog posts that won’t see the light of day).